Thought on thought in A thoughtless situation


Our life is surrounded by many situations those are may be in our favor or not. But they are always there in our mind to create certain ideas in the current situations. Among them there are certain is due to the help achieved by getting information or there are certain that is the process of our ability to think. Here I want to note a quote that was said by may be Plato that every idea of your mind derives from the internal thought of an idea that is original and the idea that is going to be presented to someone else is the second hand thought of your mind. First you have to understand your own mind and its views and then and then only you can put a certain concrete idea to someone so that he or she believes you.
Here we can say that the thought about a particular thing comes to our mind due to only because he knows its background. Here I would like to ask four questions.

  • In which language thought come if the child don’t know its mother tongue or any other languages?

  • If the child knows only its mother tongue then he is able to think in other languages?

  • If the person remains alone from the birth to its young age without keeping contact with any human kind or society, then he is able to think or not?

  • If the person is deaf and dumb from the birth, then does he or she thinks? If yes then in which language?

The answer of the above questions is remained only in the questions.  Just think if a hungry person sitting alone in a dark room which thought comes in his mind? Obviously it is only about the food. It depends on the previous situation that in which circumstances he or she comes and on the base of that situation, thoughts of a person come in his or her mind. The situations that keeps him happy expanding love, eager, happiness, desire etc.. is the base of his current thoughts.
A person is in the progress according to his thoughts. Here we can give so many examples of successful people who achieved success just by following their thoughts. Every person get thoughts from his circle. The need is that he or she has try to follow them believing them true coz those are ours. But we should not forget that every thoughts coming in our mind are always not true and capable to follow. One has to note down every thoughts that comes in a person’s mind and after analyzing them, one should try to follow them.
A thoughtful person cannot get every time success because one has try to follow them and understand them from the various situations. Around us we can see many people who has always diary and note down something which is necessary in their lives. Writing diary daily is the good thing to do and to follow it. A particular thought changes one’s life. He just think how and what to do if I need this one. So it is simple to analyze it just by remaining alone and just by thinking.
In linguistics, the word thought is “what the source or sender expresses, communicates or conveys inner sense to the observer or receiver, and what the receiver infers from the current context”. The nature of thought, its definition, elements, and types were discussed by philosophers Aristotle and Augustine. According to them, 'thought is a relationship between two sorts of expression and the kinds of things. One term in the relationship of thought necessarily causes something else to come to the mind. In other words: 'it is a sign that defined as an entity and indicates another entity to some agent for some purpose'. Some have argued that it is either mental representations or mental activity in general.
Thinking about something is a mental process. But in the language of science, we are not able to identify that if a person need that one so start a switch and the flow of thoughts comes in his mind. So here we should accept that to think about something is the natural thing and one cannot capable to think according to his views. For example if a person is in the jungle and saw a line coming speedily to him then he is not capable to think about the furniture, food, life partner and so many things. So it is dependent on the situations that in which conditions you are and with whom.
Each thought that comes in our mind is understood to be necessarily about something external and/or internal, real or imaginary. One has to receive certain idea that from where that particular thought has come to our mind. Suppose you don’t believe in ghost like thing and you never heard about that particular thing, then it is possible that if that particular image comes in front of you in real then also you are not in fear because till now you don’t know the exact thing like that one. Another example is that till now we don’t have an idea about it. So the grouping of thoughts or ideas is the basic intension for us to create another one.


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Parimal Gohil



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