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Anger of a Beautiful Woman

B. Kesharshivam
Translator: Dr. Atulkumar Parmar

“Hey Punjiya, Look! She is beautiful like a delicious Rayan.” Deepa said.
Punjiyo didn’t like this comment and replied angrily:
“If She will heard then we will be publicly insulted.”
“But why don’t you look at her! She is like the moon. How does she walk! Like a serpent.”
“ Hey Deepa, I advise you for your betterment. It is good if one doesn’t disturb a serpent. My son, follow my advise.” Punjiyo said as if he was warning Deepa but Deepo was lost in his lusty mood.
“Even a fairy is nothing before her; what a beautiful lady is created by god on this earth. God must be free and must have more substance, that’s why he has created such a beautiful toy.”
On seeing her delicate walk Deepo was going to sing a quartet of song which he had heard somewhere, but Punjiyo caught his mouth and stopped him and also slapped him on his back and said:
“Why do you want to thrust your hand in a prickly bush? Let's go without speaking anything, I know how mad are you for this fairy.”
Punjiyo tried to control Deepa but he didn’t. Today he was intoxicated with the beauty and Keshli's delicate and graceful walk has made him mad. As Keshli crossed him, he suddenly spoke,
“If only for one night then it is as good as to have a bath in Ganga.
Keshi who was walking quietly heard the comment so she got angry like a tigress. Her eyes were flaming a fire. Keshli tied a part of her saree on her waist and immediately caught collar of Deepa’s shirt and said:
“ If your mother is courageous enough then marry me and accept me as a wife. If you are a progeny of a coward then suck my breast be shameful and call me mother, and walk.”
Deepa was trembling because of sudden problem. He had no idea what to do. He hadn’t dreamt that Keshli will reply so badly. He started to plead and apologizing:
“ Forgive me Keshli, I have committed a big mistake. I will never harass you in future.”
But Keshli was not ready to forgive him.
“If you are a coward then why did you harass me? Either you accept me as a wife or suck my breast.”
Deepo was trembling more and more. He stammered,
“If I marry you then your husband Aatiyo will beat me very badly.”
Keshli angrily said:
“Don’t you know that before harassing? If you do not have vigour then why have you harassed me?” Keshli also rebuked him with filthy words.
Punjiyo could not hear such filthy words and he replied to Keshli:
“Keshli you can’t use such filthly words publicly. Don’t you ashamed before speaking? You are a women, how can you forget?”
“I am very much aware that I am a woman. Why did you advise me? You advise the monster.” She replied back to Punjiyo and then looked back at Deepa and said,
“your aunt was going quietly, why did you harass me? Today you have to take a decision, I am either your wife or mother.”
Deepa did not have any problem in calling Keshli as mother. He even did not have any problem to touch her feet but at the thought of sucking her breasts he was shocked. If he has to suck privately then he might touch his face to her breasts but how could he suck her publicly, it is so strange!”
He pleaded so much but Keshli did not move a budge. Some people also explained her to forgive Deepa but she was not ready. On seeing crying face of Deepa also she didn't calm down. At last Veeho Bhagat came out from the mob and said:
“Now keep my prestige. He had been pleading for quite long. That’s his fine. Everybody is laughing at him now don’t punish him more.”
And he also said to Deepa loudly”
“ I spit on your life. Now go and touch her feat and call her as your sister and then go.”
On hearing Veeha Bhagat’s words Keshli calmed down and covered her face with her saree and said,
“ Father, you say; “Did I like all this? How many people had gathered here? But that dog was harassing whenever I come out. Today he followed me up to my home. He had been lucky that my husband didn’t know otherwise he would not have left him alive.”
And then knocked her thumb at Deepa’s chest and said,
“You are a son of barren woman. If you don’t have courage to marry me then why does you harass me? I spit on your mother and father.”
And then the beautiful woman of Deepa went away gracefully.

Rayan- yellow coloured fruit mimusops hexendra
Deepa (name of a man)

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