Included in the UGC-CARE list (Group B Sr. No 172)
Submission Guide

Instructions for Submission ……

  1. Submission must be sent through online form only.
  2. Submission sent by email or any other means will not be entertained.
  3. Submission must be in the suggested fonts and format – Gujarati Language- Shruti Font, Hindi/Sanskrit Language – Mangal Font and English Language- Times New Roman Font.
  4. References must be at the end of the Paper/article. References as Footnote or endnote are not accepted.
  5. References must be in MLA or APA format.
  6. Submission will be reviewed and published only if it is found suitable.
  7. If submission is not published in the immediate next issue, it means that it is not accepted.
  8. Submission must be as per Template. Download Template form here.
  9. Please include a word count for your paper. Word limits for this journal are:
    1. Creative Fiction/Research Paper/Article: 5000–7000 words.
    2. Essays: 4500–6000 words
    3. Book Reviews: 1200–1500 words
    4. Poems: no more than 120 lines each